The Adventures of Caleb and Peter Rabbit

“I hope I can be friends with Aunty Lorraine, Aunty Grace and Uncle Ming Yaw forever! I am happy that I am not lonely anymore!”

Caleb is 9 years old and he lives with his foster parents Joseph, Li Ping and their family. While he enjoys the big company at home, what brings him even more joy are the friends that he has made in church.

Caleb shares excitedly how Aunty Lorraine picks him up from school and takes him out for lunch. Aunty Grace meets him for play therapy and Uncle Ming Yaw invites him for sleepovers with his children!

We often hear that it takes a village to raise a child and really, that applies to caring for a foster child too.

When Lorraine, Grace and Ming Yaw heard that Joseph and Li Ping were fostering a child, they decided to come alongside in whatever ways they could. Little did they know, their small actions would make a big difference.

Hear from Caleb how his life has changed because of the love of many.

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